ABCs of Missional Living (SC Baptist Convention)

The following is an pamphlet produced by the Adult Ministry Office of the South Carolina Baptist Convention called “ABCs of Missional Living.”

 ABCs of Missional Living

Our mission in life does not begin with us — it begins with God. We wonder what we can DO for God. DO begins with the fourth letter of the alphabet. The three letters before after D help us understand God’s mission for us.

A – Awareness When God makes us aware of needs around us, He is revealing his work and His will to us. God gives us eyes and ears so our hearts can see and hear the world around us and know where He is working.

B – Burden God does not expect us to meet every need we see. However, when He burdens us about a specific need, then He is calling us to join Him in demonstrating His love and power to those with the need.

C – Choice When God reveals His will to us, we must choose whether we will obey. Our choice reveals what we believe about God and the depth of our love for Him. Be careful of saying “yes” to God only when you feel equipped for the assignment. He may want you to experience His power at work through you, so you will grow in faith and come to know Him more intimately.

D – Do We do not need to dream of ways to serve God. We must do what He calls us to do. God may give assignments that use our abilities, experience, and wisdom, but He is not limited by what we can do. It is God at work in us and through us that makes the difference in the lives of others. So, let Him do His work—through you!

E – Evangelism When we do our good deeds, we show the love of God to others. However, when we fail to share the gospel, we are no better than good people and organizations in the world that care about helping others. We must show love AND share Christ!

F – Follow Through When we allow God to love others through us and then tell them about the good news of forgiveness and life through Jesus Christ, many will come to follow Him as disciples. Those we lead to the Lord, we are responsible to teach to live for the Lord.

G – Glory Jesus said, “My Father is glorified by this: that you produce much fruit and prove to be My disciples.”John 15:8 (HCSB). The fruit of a missional life is disciples who follow Jesus and lead others to Him. Disciples are disciple makers bringing glory to God.


~ by Rick McCollum on March 22, 2012.

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