Who Wants to Be a Musicianary? (By Rick McCollum)

Every January, I take one of our choir rehearsals and focus on a campaign theme for our choir.  This year’s theme is “Who Wants to Be a Musicianary?”  I took the logo from “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and adapted it so it would work with our theme. That logo image was on the screen in the Worship Center as our choir entered to take their places for rehearsal.  I used the theme music from that popular tv show and introduced myself as playing the part of Regis.  I brought in two black swivel chairs so it would mimic the tv show’s style.  Then, we started playing the game.  I called upon 8 players, one at a time, to answer just one question.  Each one of them, if answering their particular question properly, would win a million dollars.  The dollars we gave away came from this website and are witnessing tracts that look like million dollars: http://www.livingwaters.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=141&category_id=8&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=199

To make sure we had equal participation, I selected one member of each of our 8 sections (Soprano I and II, Alto I and II, Tenor I and II, Bass I and II).  I called out the general category of question.  If they didn’t know the answer, they could use one lifeline and call on someone else in their section to answer.  You can come up with your own questions, but here are ours, listing the category and then the question:

1. CHOIR – Name one music group in our church that goes out and sings for other organizations on a regular basis.

2. SONG – Name and/or sing a hymn or congregational song that promotes us to be on mission.

3. IDEA – Come up with an idea of where our choir could sing as music missionaries in our city.

4. TECHNOLOGY – Name the Blog that is generated by your minister of music that gives ideas on how to be a music missionary.

5. MINISTRY – Name the new choir in our church that has been organized to both sing and minister to their own age group.

6. SYMBOL – What is the Christian symbol used by Christians in the first few centuries to declare the Christian faith.

7. SCRIPTURE – Quote or give scripture reference to a passage in the Bible that tells us to be missionaries.

8. PROJECT – Name an annual project that takes musicians from our church and sends them to perform in local businesses.

9. (BONUS ROUND) MISSIONARY – There is at least one vocational missionary in our choir.  Name that person and the type of mission work that is done.

After we finished the game, each choir member received a sheet that gave them the chronological steps of becoming a musicianary and “50 ways to activate the musiciary in you.”  Each choir member also received a lapel pin of the logo used on this website.

The night was all in fun, but hopefully it stirred awareness of our need to be on mission wherever we are and wherever we go.


~ by Rick McCollum on January 26, 2012.

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