Let Us Hook You Up (By Mark Powers)

“Let Us Hook You Up”

Yeah, I know that it is rainy and cold right now, but hey, summer is coming.  Let us hook you up NOW for summer opportunities to serve and witness with your worship teams and music groups.  It’s never too early to start planning and there are organizations close by who want to work with you!  Here are links to their websites:

These organizations will hook you up with service opportunities of all kinds and help you find accommodations, meal arrangements, and performance opportunities.  Dream big and give them a call.

In the meantime, your Worship & Music Office offers events which will equip you and support you in these efforts.  Creative Ministries Festival, March 16-17 at White Oak, specializes in training for outreach-oriented drama, puppets, and creative movement, and will conclude with a block party in Winnsboro.  The Youth Choir Festival, Saturday March 10 at Riverland Hills Irmo, is a one day event with two tracks for youth singers and missional training for leaders and chaperones.  The Instrumental Expedition for church orchestra members is April 20-21 in Charlotte and concludes with an outreach concert in downtown Charlotte.  Hook up with us and let us hook you up with these great opportunities.  Go to www.scbaptist.org/worship for more details and registration information.    

Remember, though, that mission events and projects are only a door to ongoing mission service projects.  If we only take a mission trip with one of the above partners once a year, we are falling far short of being “on mission” as Christ has commanded us.  Mission Trips need to open the door for us to invest in our own communities in ongoing weekly mission service projects which lead to witnessing relationships.  So don’t stop short with mission events.  Go all the way with regularly scheduled mission service projects.


~ by Rick McCollum on January 26, 2012.

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