Help! Churches Are Dying (By Mark Powers)



Of the nearly 400,000 evangelical churches in America past years have shown that about 10,000 of them close their doors each year.  But that number is rapidly accelerating and as many as 100,000 could close next year.  At this rate, 20%-30% of present churches will be dead in the next 20 years.  First and foremost, pray every day for God to revive America.

As worship leaders we have a choice to ignite our people to action or retreat into the same old patterns of behavior that got us to this crisis point.  Which will YOU choose?  Are you willing to see God’s Spirit transform us from worship leaders to “MUSICIANARIES?”   Here’s the MusicArts Mission Movement (M3) process:

  1.  Pray daily for God to revive our land.
  2. Call out “The Called.” Enlist and train those who God is calling to join the movement.
  3. Plan worship that is ALL ABOUT GOD.  (Worship was created by God and for God.  Let’s give it back to Him.  It’s not about US!)
  4. Change our orientation from “Y’all Come” churches to “Let’s Go” churches.
  5. Train our people to think and act as missionaries to their own community.
  6. Discern the sub-cultures that God has placed around us and plan ways to reach them in their cultural languages.
  7. GO!  Get out of the church and do ongoing mission service projects (not just mission events) in your community.  Build relationships that lead to witnessing opportunities.
  8. Build a Mission Team around you and empower them to lead into missions.
  9. Keep praying for God to revive our land.

Join an M3 Regional Resource Group today 




~ by Rick McCollum on November 18, 2011.

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