I Am On My Own…How Do I Get Started? – By Rick McCollum

You may have stumbled upon this blog, linked up from another site or heard a radio ad about getting started as a Christian music missionary right where you live.  Here is a 13-step process on how to become a music missionary right where you are!

1. Commit your life to Christ.  Make Him the Savior of your life.

2. Dedicate your talents to His service.  Place Jesus Christ as Lord of your life – in every daily act.

3. Find a local church in which to serve. Churches are there for your support in your Christian walk and as a place where you can serve.

4. Grow as a Christ-follower.  Get involved in Bible Study on your own and in a small group or Sunday School.

5. Sharpen your talent and skills with excellence. Attend workshops, classes or take private lessons to refine your skills.

6. Write out and practice your personal testimony.  What was your life like before Christ?  How did you sense Christ calling you to Himself?  When, where and how did you accept Christ as your personal Savior?  How is Christ working in your life today?

7. Develop relationships with others who are not Christian. In order to be a missionary, you must be in the mission field.

8. Pray about opportunities for sharing your giftedness.  Ask God to prepare you for the task to come.

9. Study the “50 Ways to Activate the Musicianary in You” from this blog and determine where God is calling you to serve. Brainstorm as to where God might want you.

10. Offer your time and talent as God gives you the vision for your ministry. Open up your schedule to be able to serve or perhaps you can serve during other scheduled events in your life.

11. Celebrate the victories as others come to Christ.  Introduce them to your church or another church so they can begin their Christian journey.

12. Share the victories with others, encouraging them, also, to become music missionaries.  Tell the faithful, your family and friends about God’s movement.

13. Help others to get started as Christian music missionaries. Disciple someone by taking them through the steps you have learned.


~ by Rick McCollum on September 9, 2011.

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