MusicArts Mission Menu for Worship Ministries – By Mark Powers


Compiled by Mark Powers,
Director, Worship & Music, SC Baptist Convention –

Here is a menu of ideas to get your Worship Ministry started with mission action to your community.  Most any worship ministry in our SC churches can accomplish at least some of these.  Each idea exists to build relationships for the sole purpose of sharing an intentional witness of salvation in Christ. Teach your worship teams to think and act like missionaries in these settings.  Train them to comfortably share their faith and invite others to Christ. Recruit prayer teams.  Follow up on relationships that are developed. 

1. HOLD MISSION MUSIC SCHOOLS – You’ve done Mission VBS, now try Mission Music School!  Offer children’s choir and/or music activity experiences in a local park, cross-cultural church, or multi-housing facility.  It could be once-a-week for six weeks, or every night for a week.  Offer guitar, singing, music reading classes, etc for teens and adults.

2 PROMOTE COMMUNITY CONCERTS – Offer to host and promote a music concert in your church auditorium in support of a local festival or arts series.  Choose a Christian artist whose style fits the event and your community’s musical taste. Worship ministry members can serve as ushers, stage hands, drivers, etc.

3. JOIN YOUR LOCAL ARTS COUNCIL – Place qualified and arts-dedicated worship ministry members in position to serve on your local Community Arts Council.  Train them to be a missionary in their relationships as they serve to connect local artists to your church and its ministry.  Find ways for your local artists to share their giftedness as an act of worship around your church and through its ministries.

4. PROVIDE COMMUNITY FESTIVAL PERFORMANCES – Organize your worship ministry groups and individuals to perform music and art at your local festival.  Praise Band, choir, orchestra, age-graded choirs, ensembles, soloists, puppets, creative movement, etc can each take a time-slot and provide ongoing “entertainment with a message” to bystanders and shoppers.  Provide face painting artists and balloon artists trained in evangelistic conversations and plant missional bystanders who can turn casual conversations into witnessing moments.  Partner with other churches to join you in this.

5. PERFORM OUTSIDE THE WALLS – Take your worship ministry to the Park, Mall, Outdoor Amphitheatre, Public Building Steps, or anywhere else.  As above, provide face painting artists and balloon artists trained in evangelistic conversations and plant missional bystanders who can turn casual conversations into witnessing moments.  Hand out Frisbees, yard sticks, small calendars, etc with a scripture and your church info imprinted.

6. PRESENT URBAN BLOCK PARTIES – Provide a block party in an urban setting.  Provide community clean-up in the morning.  That afternoon, bring in inflatables, cook hotdogs, and provide services such as free medical screenings while your worship groups provide music and arts onstage.  Play, laugh, smile, and share what Christ means to you in every moment.

7. PRESENT SUBURBAN BLOCK PARTIES – Provide a block party in a suburban setting at a neighborhood clubhouse or pool.  In the morning make front-door visits and invite homeowners. Hang a packet of material on the doorknob of those who are not at home.  That afternoon, bring in inflatables and cook hotdogs, while your worship groups provide music and arts onstage.  Play, laugh, smile, and share what Christ means to you in every moment.

8. ADOPT A THEATRE/CONCERT HALL – Adopt your local community playhouse or concert hall.  Provide finger foods for dinner for cast and crew during production week before final rehearsals.  Provide volunteer ushers for performances.  Offer volunteers to help strike the set and load out after the show has ended.

9. PERFORM ACTS OF KINDNESS TO ARTISTS – Send volunteers out on Saturday mornings  to take coffee, tea, fruit, danish, water, etc to artists who work in studios in art districts.  Build servant relationships to build bridges into their lives.  Let them know that you are serving them in Jesus’ name because you value them and their art.

10. PLACE ARTISANS IN PUBLIC VENUES – Cultivate your best solo or group performers to present music/art in local bookstores or coffeehouse settings.  Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and other places will allow you to audition to present in their stores.  If accepted, be sure to place one or two others who are adept at casual witnessing to be in the audience and engage listeners in conversations.

11. ADOPT-A-SCHOOL MUSIC PROGRAM – Go meet your local school chorus/art/band/drama teachers and offer them your help.  Help them set up and run the PA system for programs, supply volunteer ushers, offer to print and copy their program, provide a party for the performers the day after the performance, etc.

12. GO TO JAIL/PRISON – Call the chaplain at your local jail or prison and offer your worship groups to come and present programs for the inmates. You can even present your Easter or Christmas musical in a simplified form at the prison in preparation for presentation at your church.

13. SING FOR HOMELESS SHELTERS/SOUP KITCHENS – Your worship groups and artists will be welcomed at shelters and homeless centers especially if you help serve the meal then sing for those assembled afterwards.

14. GO TO DRUG & ALCOHOL REHAB CENTERS AND HALFWAY HOUSES – Many lonely people in rehab are just waiting for someone to visit and present them hope and friendship.  Music and arts can build bridges into their lives.

15. HIT THE RETIREMENT VILLAGES – Nursing Homes are a no-brainer, but have you thought of presenting art for the numerous retirement villages that are springing up across our land?  Here are vibrant senior adults who are clustered in communities for social interaction and minimal health care needs.  Many are eager to hear your message in art and hungering for interaction with younger people.

16. WHAT ARE YOUR IDEAS?????  Register for this site, then comment on this article to share your ideas and successes!


~ by Rick McCollum on August 30, 2011.

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