Music Ministry Studios (Riverland Hills Baptist Church of Columbia, South Carolina)

Riverland Hills Baptist Church of Columbia, SC, has developed Music Ministry Studios that reaches out to the community and provides music training by Christian musicians.  Director of the Studios is Cindy Burn who says this about the Music Ministry Studios:

“For some time one of my goals was to find a way for our students to take our message outside the walls of our church.  Certainly, I believe that the criteria alone of who we are serves the overall community and city.  We are open to all students regardless of their church membership or lack thereof.  I would say that 50% of our students are non members.  Many of these students throughout the years have come to be a part of RHBC in many other ways and are bringing along their families. Many of our faculty have chosen to participate in our orchestra and we are readying some older students for ministry among our children’s choir program and providing opportunities to show to our people what they are learning.  But getting out, literally, into the community will be accomplished this year as we have scheduled 3 dates to take 10-12 students to one of our assisted living facilities nearby to perform for their residents.  We intend for it to be much more than a performance, however; we will spend time with these folks and minister through the loving hands of young people.  Our mission is to provide excellence in music education while we promote the cause of Christ and the value of music in our churches.”

Take a look at their Music Ministry Studios brochure: musicbrochure


~ by Rick McCollum on August 24, 2011.

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