Why a MusicArts Mission Movement – By Mark Powers

“Why a MusicArts Mission Movement?” – Mark Powers, SCBC

From the moment I accepted the offer to become Worship & Music Director in the Fall of 2007, I knew that God had something different in store for me to do.  Publishing nice brochures, planning training events and camps, and resourcing our 2100 SC Baptist churches is a great job and lots of fun.  But I sensed that there was something more that God wanted from me in my new leadership position.  After 28 years as a full-time worship leader in SC churches and now as Worship & Music Director, I assumed that the task ahead would be all about worship.  I was only partially right.

In the spring of 2010, while sick at home with bronchitis, God distinctly spoke to me and revealed a plan for our worship ministries to go beyond weekly worship and pour out our giftedness into our communities.  (No, it was not the medicine talking!)

The evangelical church has been in a worship revolution for the past 30 years or so, and that has been much needed.  In the process, however, we have often made worship an end-in-itself.  But God calls His church to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission as our primary goal.  So worship rightfully should be a means to igniting us to the mission of winning the world and making disciples for Christ.

After much prayer and consulting with wise counselors, I shaped the vision and began to share it. In August 2010, we announced the MusicArts Mission Movement (M3) at the SC Worship Summit at White Oak.  The following month, 6 young worship leaders and two ministry coaches joined me to shape the movement.  Meeting monthly in the context of Leaders Edge training, we joined in prayer and study and visioning together.  Along the way, God brought clarity as well as other people and organizations to join us as partners.

In December, I had the privilege of presenting the M3 concept to fellow State Music Directors at the Lifeway Summit in Nashville and then taught a class about it at the Baptist Church Music Conference in June, 2011 in Houston.  Those who hear about the movement seem very receptive because they know that 80% of our Southern Baptist Churches are plateau’d or dying.  Across the American church, there has been a cry for the church to become missional again in all it does.  Yet many churches remain complacent and self-centered.  But in SC, all those partnering in the M3 effort are ready to take action and get to work.

In September 2011, our office is starting four M3 Regional Resource Groups which will meet monthly  for worship leaders to study, pray, receive resources, and plan ways to lead their worship teams to impact their communities for Christ.  Stay tuned to this blog for more information.  Or e-mail me at markpowers@scbaptist.org to enquire about the sign-up process for a Regional Resource Group near you.  Let’s show the rest of the USA how to follow Christ into the world using worship arts and serving our communities.



~ by Rick McCollum on August 10, 2011.

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