The WC – By Rick McCollum


I call it the “WC.” That does not stand for water closet (which is the term used in England for rest room).  Instead, it stands for “Worship Choir.”  On that “WC” file at my church, I have all kinds of information, including the list of every person who has ever sung in our choir, any person who has indicated they might be interested in singing with us and all people who have been submitted as prospects for our choir.  With one look at this list, I can tell you which service they attend, whether or not they are active, their vocal part, which folder and robe they use, their birthday, their height, their mailing address, email address, phone numbers, the last time I contacted them, how I made that contact, when to make the next contact and any other pertinent comments about them.

Yes, my choir members know that I have this tool and that I use it.  In fact, I get teased about knowing everything about them, including their blood type (I don’t really know that information).  Yet, this tool has proven helpful in activating musicians. Even those who are inactive from ministry for years get contacts.  Some of these include people who have stopped coming to church altogether.  Not too long ago, a baritone in my choir who had become inactive and not darkened the church doors in nearly ten years, rejoined our choir specifically because of my persistent contacts.  He probably would have become “out of sight, out of mind” if not for this WC tool to keep me reminded.

This is a tool I developed for myself three decades ago and it is still serving me well. What started out as a card file became a Word document and now is an Excel file. It could probably serve as my “home page” for my computer because it is the most used file on my network. Why is that?  It is because people are the reason for ministry.  With the best music in the world, still neither ministry nor missions can come to life without the people.  More than that, I see each person as gifted and called to be used by God.  Therefore, when a person who is gifted tells me “no,” I take that as a “not now.”  People do go through seasons of life when they, perhaps because of medical or personal issues, cannot get activated into the church music ministry.  However, even if they cannot see their calling, it is my duty to make sure they are reminded throughout their life of that giftedness and the calling to use it for the kingdom.

 Activation is the starting place for a lifetime of music missions.  Using a tool like the WC in my ministry keeps me reminded of the name of every person that I have sensed God is calling to activate their giftedness. I pray for them and contact them. I seek them out and give them reminders. I challenge them and offer them ways to be equipped.  The WC is just a tool, but it is a great one for me and one of the biggest ways that I can stay focused on people instead of focused on the mechanics of the music ministry. It is also the first step of activating individuals to a lifetime of being on mission with music.



~ by Rick McCollum on August 8, 2011.

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