50 Ways to Mobilize Musicianaries in Your Church – By Rick McCollum


Here are examples of how church music groups can use music to be on mission for Christ. Groups may include vocal or instrumental choirs or ensembles.

  1. Present a Christmas, Easter or Patriotic musical, pageant or play for the community.
  2. Perform at a nursing home, assisted living facility or retirement center.
  3. Perform the national anthem at a local ball game.
  4. Perform at the mall or shopping center.
  5. Go door-to-door Christmas caroling.
  6. Perform at the hospital or prison.
  7. Perform at the airport, subway or bus station.
  8. Perform at a civic club or organization.
  9. Perform on a float or marching in a Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Veteran’s Day or town festival parade.
  10. Provide pre-performance music at a local show or theater.
  11. Perform on television or radio.
  12. Record an album for sale or give-away.
  13. Record a YouTube or website video.
  14. Record a jingle for a radio station or advertisement.
  15. Go on tour around the state, nation or internationally.
  16. Provide “singing valentines” or “singing telegrams.”
  17. Provide music for a birthday, anniversary or retirement party.
  18. Perform for a book signing, ribbon cutting or grand opening.
  19. Perform at the Court House, State House or White House.
  20. Perform at a campground or state park.
  21. Perform at the beach, lake or on a boat.
  22. Wear uniforms or alike-shirts when traveling as a group.
  23. Travel on buses that have the name of the group and/or destination on the bus.
  24. Present a “mob” extemporaneous music performance for the public.
  25. Perform at a fair or carnival.
  26. Perform at a fashion show or a beauty pageant.
  27. Perform at a school.
  28. Present an outdoor drive-by Christmas or Easter event.
  29. Enter your music group in a talent show.
  30. Involve your music group in a “geo-cache” treasure hunt that promotes with your upcoming music presentation.
  31. Place personal salvation testimonies of members of the music group on your website.
  32. Take your major musical event and perform it in a large secular venue (i.e. Center for the Arts)
  33. Provide personal evangelism cards for members of your music group.
  34. Take on a service project and offer a music selection at the conclusion of the work time together.
  35. Have your music group start or sponsor a scholarship for a student to major in Christian music in college.
  36. Create a Facebook page for the group and then members of the group post that page on their Facebook page for others to see.
  37. Conduct an old fashioned singing and watermelon cutting at a neighborhood park.
  38. Provide a music camp for children in the community.
  39. Develop a Music School or Academy.
  40. Provide a special concert as part of the local town festival or celebration.
  41. Learn music in a new language (Spanish, French, Sign Language, etc.) and take your music group to sing for that culture in your city.
  42. Provide music (such as student worship band) for student lunch club for those allowed off campus during school lunch break.
  43. Provide free simple instruments (i.e. kazoos) to a multi-housing community and teach individuals, one-on-one, songs to play.
  44. Take your band and play pep songs at the local football game for a team that has no band.
  45. Provide blue grass music at a local barbecue restaurant.
  46. Provide your music groups with promotional wrist bands, key chains, etc. as conversation starters.
  47. Provide music at a vacation spot (i.e. Biltmore Home, Caraway Gardens, Alabama Theater, etc.).
  48. Sponsor an annual Christmas Tree Lighting for the city, using your music ministry.
  49. Give your group effective witnessing tracks that they can share with others such as the Million Dollar Bill.
  50. Present a Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving Eve Community service.

~ by Rick McCollum on August 6, 2011.

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