50 Ways to Activate the Musicianary in You – By Rick McCollum


Here are examples of how one person can use music to be on mission for Christ.

  1. Invite someone to sing with you in the church choir.
  2. Get involved with the local community choir and casually share with members of the group about your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  3. Have your radio tuned to a local Christian radio station when traveling in the car.
  4. Get involved in local community theater and build relationships that will lead to a witness.
  5. Get involved or form your own chapter of quartet music such as Sweet Adeline or Barbershop group and make connections with musicians that lead to sharing your faith.
  6. Sing or play music as background or performance music for a local restaurant or bookstore.
  7. If you are a music teacher, use hymns, contemporary Christian music or sacred songs to instruct your students.
  8. Gather the family and friends around the piano or guitar for some fun singing of Christian songs at the end of the day.
  9. Place a hymnal on your piano for conversation starter.
  10. Invite someone from your school band to join the church orchestra.
  11. Talk with the musicians who provide street music or restaurant music and ask them about their spiritual journey and if they have ever played in church.
  12. Listen to group singing (in a church congregation, karaoke, etc.) and ask those who sing well to consider joining the church choir.
  13. Sing the national anthem at the local ball game. Others will speak to you about your singing – then is the time to share your testimony.
  14. Volunteer to sing or play music at the local nursing home or retirement center.
  15. Wear your church shirt or choir logo lapel or tie pin as a conversation starter.
  16. Send email or Facebook links to great Christian music to your friends.
  17. Learn a new language – foreign language or sign language, for example – and sing a song using that new language to connect with people of different languages about the Lord.
  18. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, sharing your faith story, citing the power of music.
  19. Purchase a Christian music CD for someone’s birthday or Christmas gift.
  20. Share your music in the local hospital or contact a chaplain to provide a concert for those in prison.
  21. Volunteer to play “charge” on your trumpet for a local high school football team that does not have a band.
  22. Go sing for the homebound in your church; that might lead to singing for homebound persons who are outside the church.
  23. Become a street musician of Christian music.
  24. Go door to door and invite your neighbors to a Christian music concert at your church.
  25. Attend alumni events at your high school and/or college and volunteer to sing or play at their event.
  26. Place a Christian music theme on your cell phone as a ringtone.
  27. Place Christian music on your cell phone or business phone as people wait to be connected with the call.
  28. Post scripture about music in the Bible on social media such as Facebook.
  29. Post Youtube or Godtube videos on Facebook.
  30. Find local Christian music events and support them with your prayers and attendance.
  31. Encourage your children and neighborhood children to participate in your church’s children’s choir program.
  32. Send notes of encouragement and congratulations to students who are in a Christian musical or production, encouraging them to continue to participate in Christian music.
  33. Whistle or hum a Christian song, anytime, anywhere.
  34. Hang artwork in your home that includes lyrics of a Christian song.
  35. If auditioning for a talent show, use a Christian song.
  36. Sing a Christian song to your newborn baby in the hospital.
  37. You can be a witness when your wedding music honors God.
  38. You can be a witness when your funeral music honors God.
  39. Hang a poster of an upcoming Christian music concert in a local business.
  40. Volunteer to help in your school’s music program and share your Christian witness as you work.
  41. Volunteer to be the chaplain for the local school choir, band or orchestra.
  42. Buy a musical toy that plays Christian music for a child or baby for their birthday.
  43. Produce a Christian music album and give a concert in a non-church setting.
  44. Walk into a piano store and start playing Christian music.
  45. Tell your waitress or waiter that you are a Christian musician and would like to know if they have any prayer requests.
  46. Produce your own business or calling-cards that include a witness such as a scripture verse or logo about Christian music.
  47. Become known as a collector of certain types of Christian music memorabilia such as a hymnal collector, Christian album collector, etc. so you can ask others to look for those items for you as they shop.
  48. Provide a community book study in your home on a Christian music book.
  49. Compose music that yields a Christian witness.
  50. When sitting on a plane or bus, pull out a Christian music book or magazine as a conversation starter.

~ by Rick McCollum on July 29, 2011.

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