Providing Resources: Guitar/Hymnals – By Rick McCollum

Providing Resources: Guitar/Hymnals

One way that we can be on mission for the Lord is to provide resources for others to carry out the mission to which they are called.  Recently, my daughter was on a mission trip with our church to Honduras.  Our music ministry purchased a used but quality guitar for her to take and use on the trip.  Prior to the trip, I told her that if she was led to do so, she could leave the guitar as a gift from our music ministry to further the mission effort there.  My daughter was able to teach the Honduras interpreter how to play the guitar.  At the conclusion of the week, she gave this young 16-year-old interpreter the guitar as a gift to use and to continue the mission effort in Honduras.  God gave us a vision prior to the mission trip that there might be a need and sure enough, there was.

 I recently found a new church (and 3 new church starts) in North Bennington, Vermont that are in need of hymnals. Our church purchased the new Baptist Hymnals for our congregation and we had many older hymnals that had been taken from the pew and packed up in our music room. I found out that Capstone Baptist Church in North Bennington, Vermont was looking for just such hymnals.  While talking with their pastor, we determined that we will indeed send hymnals to cover their need and the three other new churches that are in the planning stages in that community. They are planning to build a new Christian college in that area, also, so many more mission needs will be presented in the future.  This might be just the start of a new relationship.

 A guitar is being used to provide Christian music in Honduras. Pews will soon be filled with hymnals in Vermont. Providing resources is an exciting part of worshipers on mission.


~ by Rick McCollum on July 20, 2011.

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