Organizing a Passion Play

Organizing a Passion Play

 To unlock the secret of mobilizing worshipers to missions, it takes organization.  The organizational structure can be simple or complex, but it needs to fit the task at hand. All of the positions of leadership and the organizational structure should be created for action-results thinking. Don’t create an organization just to discuss things or for think-tank purposes.  The organization must be a way to handle the actions of the organization and be results-oriented.

For example, we mobilized a church full of people to create a Passion Play.  While I, as the Minister of Music was the head of this organized group, I made sure I had an equally important lay person who was right by my side.  We used terminology (titles) for the organized leadership structure to keep our tasks in front of us.  Each leader was responsible to someone.  Take a look at these titles and job descriptions to see how this results-oriented organization was created, structured and functioned.  The Exective Producer was the Minister of Music and the Producer was the chief lay person.

Executive Producer: Enlists Producer. Manages budget. Secures external personnel. Assisted by the Producer. Responsible to the church for final product.

Producer: Enlists & coordinates Directors. Auditions cast with Drama and Music Directors. Assisted by Directors. Responsible to the Executive Producer for the final product.

Drama Director: Instructs blocking and acting. Auditions cast with Producer and Music Director. Assisted by Assistant Drama Director and Choreographer. Responsible to the Producer for drama.

Music Director: Selects music. Directs musicians. Auditions cast with Producer & Drama Director. Assisted by accompanists. Responsible to the Producer for music.

Production Director: Designs and constructs sets and stage. Assisted by production team. Responsible to the Producer for the construction and removal of set and stage.

Costuming Director: Designs and coordinates the costumes and make-up of the cast. Assisted by sewing and make up teams. Responsible to the Producer for costumes and makeup.

Technical Director: Designs and produces sound, lighting, & special effects.  Mixes audio recording. Assisted by technology team. Responsible to the Producer for sound, lighting, and special effects.

Stage Director: Produces and coordinates props.  Coordinates stage assistants. Assisted by props team. Responsible to the
Producer for props and stage management.

Publicity Director: Designs and implements tickets, posters, advertising, and photography. Assisted by publicity team. Responsible to the Producer for publicity.

Evangelism Director: Designs and implements a strategy for evangelism. Assisted by prayer, counseling, and follow up teams. Responsible to the Producer for evangelism.

House Director: Coordinates hosting needs, including greeter, refreshments, and child care. Assisted by greeter, refreshments, and child care teams. Responsible to the Producer for hosting.


~ by Rick McCollum on July 18, 2011.

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