All About worshipersonmission

Why this blog?

It is the calling and dream of South Carolina Baptist Convention Worship & Music Office to bring people  to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. While most of the music and worship leadership  in our churches is primarily focused on the task of leading congregations in  worship, it is also the hope that our worship will lead us to share the  gospel of Jesus Christ beyond our worship experiences into our everyday lives. The  intent of this blog is to empower and encourage Christian musicians and creative artists to expand their ministries into lifestyle and lifelong missions throughout their own communities and beyond. This blog will formulate and  solicit ideas that ignite Christian musicians and creative artists to missional living.


Who is hosting this blog?

This blog is under the  direction of the South Carolina Baptist Convention Worship & Music Office –  Mark Powers, Director. It is edited by Rick McCollum.


How can you participate in  this blog?

Share your own ideas

Motivate – Inspiration and scriptural support for igniting worshipers on mission

Activate – Ideas on enlistment and empowerment of  individuals, igniting worshipers on mission

Mobilize – Ideas on organization and group  facilitation, igniting worshipers on mission

Collaborate – Ideas on  working with other churches or organizations, igniting worshipers on mission


~ by Rick McCollum on July 4, 2011.

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